Take Care of Those Dice


You love dice. You collect dice. But how do you carry your dice from home to your play group? What protects and holds your dice? Whether it’s for D&D, Pathfinder, miniature games or any number of other games, these are questions that hound many a gamer. My favorite solution is from Third Die Dice Bags. … Read more

Nerd Camp ReCap

Nerd Camp was a wonderful event that was held at the Analog Cafe. Nerd Camp is a 2-day event for geeks and nerds 21 and up who are looking to spend a weekend enshrouded in comics, tabletop games, indie video games, music, cosplay, and more. It ran from October 21st through the 22nd and a … Read more

Red Castle is hosting The Star City Games Regional Championship!


Red Castle has the privilege of Hosting the StarCityGames.com Regional Championships! This Saturday October 15th! The first 200 players to preregister for the SCG Regional Championship will receive a this FREE StarCityGames.com play mat and matching token! Pretty Swanky, right? We will be hosting this special event at the Double Tree Portland near the Lloyd Center. … Read more