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Cross Ways

What do you get when you cross Rummy and a maze game? Cross Ways! In this two- to four-person game, each player tries to complete a line of tokens from one end of the board to the other with the help of the included deck. Using single cards, pairs, and suited runs, players can place and remove tokens to lengthen their line or reduce their opponents’ lines. A mix of luck and strategy, but leaning more on the luck side, Cross Ways is an easy-to-learn family game. It is especially well-suited as an enjoyable activity when older and younger generations ‘cross ways’. – Natalie

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Saturdays in July

In addition to our regular July events, here are some other events of note that are happening:

7/5 – King of Tokyo Demo from 12pm-3pm

7/12 - The demo today is from local publisher Elbowfish Games showing off AntiMatter Matters from 1pm-3pm! Come meet the designer and play a Quantum Physics Board Game!


7/19 - Lost Legacy: A more cutthroat version of love letter where players try to eliminate each other while looking for the Lost Legacy. 12pm-3pm

7/26 – Geek and Gamer Garage Sale:

We are holding off on a demo for this week because we are doing our Geek and Gamer Garage Sale!  There will be hot deals on select used and new board games as well as Employees selling their stuff to make room on their gaming shelves for new games!  Come check it out!


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Space Alert

Space Alert is a cooperative game for 1-5 players. Players take the role of crew members on a Sitting Duck-class Starship of the United Space Exploration Services. Your mission: hyperspace jump into an uncharted region of space, automatically scan the area for 10 minutes, and then hyperspace jump out. Easy. Right? Well… it turns out the whole universe hates you and wants to kill you. Interstellar Octopus, Alien Gunships, Android uprisings are just a few of the threats you and your crew will face. It’s hard but so much fun!

The most unique thing about Space Alert is that it is played in real time. The game comes with an MP3 CD that is played during the game and acts as the ship’s computer. The computer will warn players of various threats and which section of the ship it’s attacking. Players then try to plan their turns and deal with all the problems that arise in the hopes of surviving the 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes are up, players go through all their turns one at a time and see if everything went according to plan. It’s usually doesn’t. Think of it like a black box.

At first the game can seem a little overwhelming. There are a lot of little pieces and boards for it. Some, I don’t think were necessary. The rulebook is a bit thick but funny as its written like a weird job orientation. The CD it comes with has a whole tutorial and simulation that eases players into the game.

Space Alert is an amazing game. It’s silly, a little dark, and again so much fun! It’s one of my favorites. Space Alerts turns board game night into a chaotic, stressful, good time! Everyone must work together or things will go horribly wrong. What a great time! I highly recommend it.


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