New York 1901

The year is 1901 and New York is obsessed with building taller and taller skyscrapers! Each player takes on the role of a property developer and competes to build the most prestigious skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan. During the game, players score points by building skyscrapers, controlling streets, and achieving bonuses. The game combines area control, … Read more

Pandemic: The Cure

OMG SO MANY DICE Have you and your friends saved the world so many times in Pandemic that its becoming stale? Even with the expansions nothing seems to get in your way when it comes to stopping the various plagues? Pandemic: The Cure might be the cure (HAHA GET IT? 🙁  ) for your gaming … Read more


SmashUp is a fun, clever card game suitable for ages 12 and up. It consists of themed factions, such as Wizards, Robots, and Pirates, all with charming artwork. Players choose two factions, shuffle the cards together, then compete against each other to score points. I love SmashUp because the mechanics of each faction are very … Read more


Hanabi is a Spiel de Jahres winner for good reason; it requires strategy, teamwork, and trust– all while players have a limited knowledge pool. The game is difficult but rewarding and has great flavor for such a simple concept. The players are setting up a fireworks display which has to be assembled on the spot. … Read more


Does your gaming group like Dominion?  Do they also like Ticket to Ride? Well Trains could be the next game for you. Trains combines the classic deck-building elements that Dominion offers but also lets you build rails and stations on a two-sided map of Osaka and Tokyo Japan. Gain as many points possible to defeat your opponents and become … Read more

Star Realms

Star Realms is a great deckbuilding game for two players. In Star Realms you buy spaceships and deal damage to your opponent. Whomever succeeds in getting their opponent from 50 Authority (the equivalent of ‘life’) to 0 first wins. Each player starts with the same number and types of spaceships. The deck is then shuffled and … Read more

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is a really great and fun storytelling card game for 2-6 players. It has quickly become one of my favorite games! In Once Upon a Time players draw a hand of cards depicting characters, places, events, and various other story elements.  One player will start telling a story and whenever this … Read more

Machi Koro

Machi Koro is a great game for beginners and veteran gamers alike. The object of the game is to build the best city you can by completing the construction of your city’s landmarks before your opponents can build theirs. The rules are easy to pick up and can be easily explained to newcomers while playing … Read more

Forbidden Desert

It’s Forbidden for a reason you guys…. Forbidden Desert is a cooperative game by Pandemic and Forbidden Island designer Matt Leacock. 2-5 players take on the roles of brave adventurers stranded in an ancient desert city and must work together to survive the elements and unearth a legendary flying machine to escape. It’s so much … Read more