Kitty Paw

Get ready to call “meow!” because in the game of Kitty Paw, your ability to meow and hi-five is as important as making your kitty-block patterns!

The concept of Kitty Paw is simple. Each player is a kitty (assigned by their paw card), and the goal is to replicate the pattern on your puzzle card using all the little hexagonal kitty tiles, but you have to do it faster than your opponents and, when you think you’re done, shout “meow!” and raise your paw. Your opponents then vie to call meow and high five you; the last to do so loses points equal to the penalty value on the back of their pattern card. But, if you didn’t replicate your pattern correctly, you get penalized too!

Each tile has two adorable sides – awake top-view of a kitty and sleeping belly-view of a kitty – so make sure you have your cats right-side up as you work!

The age recommendation is 8+, but younger children can play as well, and the tiles are durable enough that you don’t need to worry about little kids damaging them (so long as they don’t make their way into a mouth, of course). The general chaos of a turnless game is well suited to smaller competitive groups and works best with 4 players, but you can even play it single player if you just want to practice making patterns.


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