7 Wonders

7wondersIn 7 Wonders, players become the leader of an ancient city. As the leader, they need to build the greatest city possible by collecting resources to use to construct important buildings, monuments, and establishments within their city, as well as attempt to become the strongest military power in the game. Each player wants their city to be the best in terms of science, military strength, and culture and they will prove it by building a “wonder” that will stand as a testament to their greatness throughout the ages. Players will accomplish this lofty goal through the game’s drafting mechanic. Drafting offers countless strategies as players seek to best each other by creating better buildings, developing a powerful military, depriving their neighbors of important resources and more. With beautiful artwork and a myriad of game-winning strategies, 7 Wonders has a very high replay value and would be a great addition to any board game collection.