Armada 2019 Prime Championship

Red Castle Games is proud to host Oregon’s only Star Wars: Armada 2019 Prime Championship! This is a premiere-level event. To ensure you have the very best gaming experience possible, we dedicate all of our play space to this tournament for the entire day.

Check-in begins promptly at 10 AM. Pizza and beverages will be provided for lunch, and we will have cake for dessert.

Promo prizes are guaranteed for all participants. In addition, we are raffling off $200 in store credit throughout the day, and there will be a special “Anakin” prize for last place!

Here is the format for this event:

  • 400 point fleets.
  • 3 rounds of Swiss.
  • Please bring 2 copies of your fleet list.
  • Please bring any 3×3 or 3×6 neoprene space-themed playmats you own.
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