Cat Tower


When all your dried fish are too high for your poor kitty self to reach, what do you do? Ask your other cat friends to help of course!

Cat Tower is a dexterity-ish game where your goal is to build a cat tower to reach the fish, and ends when one player has no more cats in hand. A die tells you how to stack your cats, increasing the variance, and the cardboard kitties all have super cute faces!

Whether you are playing with your friends at the bar or your children at home, this is a pretty great little dexterity game for all ages (though it recommends 6+).

My only critique is that because the cards are cardboard, I’m concerned that the constant folding to play and unfolding to put away will eventually render the cards unusable. But for now that is a fun little game, and the 20$ price point is pretty reasonable considering how much play you can get out of it.


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