Dungeon Master Academy

You’ve delved through many dangers. Time to make some danger of your own…
Are you ready to become a Master of Dungeons and Dragons?

5th Edition D&D doesn’t run itself. It takes a dedicated player who makes the fun happen – and happens to have lots of fun along the way! For young DMs ages 11 – 17, whether aspiring to be a DM or already running a game but looking to hone their skills. Go behind the DM screen and learn the secrets of encounter balance, maps, traps, custom monsters and more from one of our seasoned professional Red Castle DMs. Your DM Guide is: Jaxn.

This special D&D Academy will run Friday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM PDT hosted at the Red Castle Games store. $220 per player for full DM Academy tuition. 5 participant maximum.

What to expect: While learning the fine aspects of running the game, we will also be practicing life skills including goal setting, effective planning, voice and diction, and giving respectful critique. (Yeah, really. We’re not messing around!) Each participant will get the chance to run their own short game during one of the weekly sessions. Due to the extra responsibility of learning at this afterschool Academy over merely playing D&D, we recommend this experience only for players who can commit a little extra time, energy, and spell slots beyond their homework and clubs. Grades before goblins!!!

Covid precautions: All players must have a Covid vaccine and be able to provide proof of vaccination by the first day of camp. Masks will be worn while inside and not actively eating/drinking. Hand sanitizer will be available and sharing of game materials will be limited.

If you have any questions about 5e D&D, registration, or our programs, please contact us at dnd@redcastlegames.com.


When registering above: The date noted is the first game day, but you are indeed registering for the entire 7-week campaign. Please use your own (parent or guardian) name, email address, and phone number. In the Notes section, please include your child’s name and age. Upon registration, you will be sent a confirmation with a required form for additional info including approved pickup guardians, D&D experience, dietary restrictions, and special considerations for your player.  You must complete the entire registration and payment process below. If you do not submit a payment and see the confirmation screen, you have not registered.