Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror is the perfect game for fans of H.P. Lovecraft, weird horror and cooperative games with a roleplaying element to them. It is a modified version of its more complex predecessor Arkham Horror, and requires less of a time commitment and patience to learn how to play. While Arkham Horror can take 4 players all day to play, Eldritch Horror is designed to play in under 2 hours while still embodying all the existential dread beloved to fans of Arkham Horror and Lovecraftian fiction.

In Lovecraft’s stories, the protagonists face the fear and dread of hidden forces that, once revealed, usually cause them to go insane and gibber on about non-Euclidian geometry, indescribably colored fungus and unnameable gods. In this beautifully designed board game, players are given the chance to quell the unspeakable horror of the Elder Gods and save humanity.

You will play an investigator with unique abilities that will aid you in your struggle with an Ancient One and his minions. You must travel the world and to otherworldly dimensions gathering hidden clues, solving Eldritch mysteries, and fighting hideous monsters to prevent the slumbering Ancient One from awakening. You will have your fellow investigators and various Lovecraftian companions to help you as you acquire the necessary equipment and skills for success, but be warned! this game fights back! Like Lovecraft’s characters, investigators are likely to be driven insane from reading blasphemous tomes, be cursed while trying to cast unutterable spells, and suffer various abnormal physical and mental afflictions, only to be devoured by an amorphous, tentacled entity lurking in the stygian darkness of his Cyclopean temple. Win or lose, the fun of this game is in the madness of the journey, but if your lucky, you may get the satisfaction of kicking Cthulhu’s squamous butt!


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