Lancer RPG Online

Ready for a new storytelling game? It’s time to get in the robot with Red Castle Games!
Learn the ropes and jump right into the action with Kerina, one of our professional Game Masters. Lancer will be hosted online using Roll20 and Zoom on select Tuesday evenings 7-9pm. $20 per person per session. 5 player maximum.

Lancer is a science fiction fantasy game where you take on the role of a mech pilot. Experience rpg drama as futuristic factions try pulling you into their sway and the bonds between your party members and your loved ones are tested, then start stomping and blasting through your enemies as you hop into your mechanized armored chassis. Lancer’s system includes ways for you to customize the giant fighting robot of your dreams.

You can find out more about Lancer and download the free core book here!

This is a 1-shot learn to play scenario. You may sign up for multiple sessions if you would like to play the scenario again with a different character. Depending on interest, we may start a weekly campaign for this RPG!

Refund Policy: You will receive a full refund for your first no-show or cancellation that occurs within 48 hours of your scheduled game. The second time, you will receive a 50% refund. After that, we will not issue any refunds for your missed or canceled events. This is to prevent players from canceling at the last minute which takes away the limited spots we have available for our RPG programs.

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