Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game


Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game is a fully cooperative deck building game set in the universe of the first four Alien movies for 1-5 players ages 17+. Based on the Marvel Legendary deck building game, it is very similar to its superhero counterpart with a few major differences: Players choose a role at the start of the game; roles determine how much health you have and give you a special card you add to your starting deck. Enemies are hidden and must be scanned before you can attack them. Enemies attack players. This game is super thematic and OH MY GOD ITS AWESOME I LOVE IT!

Players start with one of ten “Character Role” cards such as Gunner, Medic, or Researcher plus the same basic deck of “Character” cards in hand. At the start of their turn, players draw a card from the “Hive Deck” which is full of Aliens and other horrible things that want to end you and places it face down in the complex. Then you’ll play cards from your hand to generate attacks in order to kill Aliens creeping into your complex, earn income to recruit more Characters into your deck, and other fun special abilities to help fight the hordes of vile parasites overrunning your complex. You win if players survive long enough to complete three objectives that recall the events of the Alien movies. You loose if everyone dies. Players can be eliminated in this game and, while I usually hate that in games, it totally makes sense in the context of this game. Player elimination gives the game a sense of dread and desperation and players do not usually have to sit out for very long once they have been eliminated. Whatever play on your phone or something I dunno. Watch how the game pans out? That’s fun too. You’ll figure it out.

This game can be really hard and that is fine. It gives the game the dream-like quality that is so present in the Alien movies. The game is definitely winnable and the rules have suggestions to scale the difficulty. Also advanced rules add secret objectives, an Alien player, and possibly even a traitor! All 600 cards have wonderful and sometimes gruesome custom artwork. So you know, don’t be getting this for your kid.

While not fully compatible with Marvel Legendary, you can add villains to the Aliens Deck and Heroes to the Characters Deck and as well as add Aliens and Characters to Marvel Legendary‘s equivalent decks.

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game is great! And a long title, but yeah its really good! I can’t stress that enough. I guess I could. ITS FUN I LIKE IT! YOU SHOULD PROBABLY LOOK INTO IT BUT THATS UP TO YOU!