Nerd Camp ReCap

Nerd Camp was a wonderful event that was held at the Analog Cafe. Nerd Camp is a 2-day event for geeks and nerds 21 and up who are looking to spend a weekend enshrouded in comics, tabletop games, indie video games, music, cosplay, and more. It ran from October 21st through the 22nd and a large portion of the proceeds went towards SnowCap Community Charities. Throughout the event, many games were demoed by Indie developers as well as games played through Red Castle Games’ collection. Performances by Lucia Fasano, Megathruster. The PDX Broadsides, and The Double Clicks provided music throughout the event and in between shows, many panels were presented. The reoccurring theme throughout the panels was “Diversity in Gaming,” including the panel I had the privilege to be on: Women in Gaming. We focused on how to have an inclusive gaming group where all players feel accepted and how to have a diverse setting in RPGs.

This was Nerd Camp’s first year and I am more than excited to participate in year 2. Bravo, Nerd Camp, bravo.

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