Once Upon a Time


Once Upon a Time is a really great and fun storytelling card game for 2-6 players. It has quickly become one of my favorite games! In Once Upon a Time players draw a hand of cards depicting characters, places, events, and various other story elements.  One player will start telling a story and whenever this player, called the Storyteller, mentions an element on one of their Story Cards, they will play it face up in front of them while steering the story towards a conclusion that matches their Ending Card. Play all of the Story Cards in your hand while telling your story and then play your Ending Card and you Win! Yay! You told a story.

Other players should be listening and trying to find ways to interrupt the Storyteller and take over the story. If the Storyteller mentions an element similar to one of your Story Cards, you can play it and take over the story. Or, if the Storyteller gets stuck or gets way too silly for your liking, you can call them out and take over the story while you try to guide it towards your ending.

Once Upon a Time is creative and fun! I love it! Its my favorite! If you love silly fun times and long form improv I cannot recommend this enough! Seriously, get this! Its great! There are also a number of small expansions available that add more story elements and endings. These expansions even include blank cards so you can add your own elements and endings so you can create truly wonderful/awful fairy tales.