Online D&D Wednesday Campaign

Meet new friends, make new stories, and join the adventure with Red Castle Games! We are running a series of ongoing 5th Edition D&D campaigns staffed by professional Dungeon Masters for adult players. This RCG D&D campaign meets on Wednesdays from 7 to 10 PM over Roll20 and Zoom. $25 per person. 5 players per group maximum. Ages 18+ only. Dungeon Master: Jaxn.

This adventure shall run in a few campaigns lasting 3-6 weeks. Each campaign provides a story which stands on its own and could also continue into the next campaign. You will be making your own character using guidelines provided through Roll20. Experience with 5e D&D is highly recommended in this advanced adventure.

Campaign 2: Levels 8 – 9
Wednesdays: July 21st, July 28th, and August 4th. The adventuring companions known as “The Six Shooters” have slain a fearsome silver dragon. Fame can be both boon and burden, and glittering prizes attract dangerous eyes… Whether a Shooter or a friend, explore Mendrealm on the next challenge.

Registration closes 24 hours before the event begins. For Multiple Sessions: Select your first appointment date, then click Next. Ignore the Repeat button and click Next. When you see your cart, select Book More to select more dates.

Refund Policy: You will receive a full refund for your first no-show or cancellation that occurs within 48 hours of your scheduled game. The second time, you will receive a 50% refund. After that, we will not issue any refunds for your missed or canceled events. This is to prevent players from canceling at the last minute which takes away the limited spots we have available for our RCG D&D Campaign program.