Star Realms


Star Realms is a great deckbuilding game for two players. In Star Realms you buy spaceships and deal damage to your opponent. Whomever succeeds in getting their opponent from 50 Authority (the equivalent of ‘life’) to 0 first wins. Each player starts with the same number and types of spaceships. The deck is then shuffled and five cards are drawn and laid out between the two players. This is the trade row. Players buy ships from the trade row to improve the collection of ships in their deck. As players buy cards they are replaced in the trade row by cards from the main deck. Each of the four colors of ships (yellow, green, red, blue) has different strengths and works together with the other colors in different ways. This provides a lot of variety and gives Star Realms a lot of replay value. All of the color combinations, as well as the variability of the trade row, means you will play a different game and use different strategies every time you play. Plus, it’s fun to improve your collection of ships and purge the weaker ships from your deck.