Did you ever wonder who would win a fight between an owl that is very stupid but has super strength and an elf with a glitter cannon and an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars? Or how about a fight between Dune’s Paul Atreides, wielding a sword and with the ability to turn into Kirby at will, and a velociraptor that can fly and set anything on fire? According to my friends the raptor wins, but in the game of Superfight, results can vary wildly.

Superfight is one of those rare games that you can start playing and stop playing whenever you please. In most party games, everyone sits down and is in it for the long haul, and, if someone gets up to go to the bathroom, the whole game gets put on pause. Superfight avoids this problem which means if someone gets knocked out of their game of choice – Munchkin, Risk, etc. -at a big party with multiple games, they can join in on Super Fight until their next game starts. Or a group can even play a side game while other players take their turns.

A game about debating imaginary things with imaginary powers (or detriments, potentially) sounds silly, but it gets to be pretty entertaining pretty fast. And the expansions only improve upon this by allowing you to change the game from a fight to a quidditch match or a trivia contest between rounds, or even throw in surprise challenges to overcome like doing all of this in a sandstorm or during a kitten stampede. Other expansions can make the game more PG, less PG, add nerdy cards, and even locations to the fight!
Overall, this is probably my favorite big group party game available right now.