Take Care of Those Dice

You love dice. You collect dice. But how do you carry your dice from home to your play group? What protects and holds your dice? Whether it’s for D&D, Pathfinder, miniature games or any number of other games, these are questions that hound many a gamer. My favorite solution is from Third Die Dice Bags. Made locally, these dice bags have a square-bottom design so they stand up by themselves. So even if you are just starting your dice collection, your dice will be easily accessible.

Based in Oregon City, Third Die bags are hand-sewn and made of soft suede that feels great. The bags are reversible and come in a wide range of colors and combinations, including purple and grey (my personal favorite). You can even get a bag with a medallion of a Celtic-knot dragon, which just adds that much more mystic to your gaming experience. Give them a try- you won’t want to go back to your Crown Royale bag (or ziplock bag-eek!)!