Pandemic: The Cure



Have you and your friends saved the world so many times in Pandemic that its becoming stale? Even with the expansions nothing seems to get in your way when it comes to stopping the various plagues? Pandemic: The Cure might be the cure (HAHA GET IT? 🙁  ) for your gaming blues. Puns are the worst sorry about that. I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, Pandemic: The Cure is a sorta re-imagining of the original Pandemic, but as a dice game! Everyone works together to save the world from four different plagues. The main difference being, aside from not using a board is, instead of cards ruining your and the fake world’s day, IT’S DICE! And, as we all know, dice are horrible jerks that will stop at nothing until mankind is destroyed. It can be brutal, but in a fun way!

On their turn players roll a set of custom dice and the results determine what actions they can take during their turn.  Players can keep rolling as many times as they want and dice are discarded once their actions have been used. Beware if you roll the biohazard symbol! That moves the infection rate up on the tracker which can cause epidemics and increases the amount of disease dice you roll on the infection step of your turn. The biohazard symbol adds a fun “press your luck” element to the game. Sometimes you’ll roll again hoping for that one specific action that may totally help save us and- oops you killed us all. Everyone wins if you can manage to cure all for diseases. Everyone looses when the infection or outbreak tracker reaches the skull and cross bone marker or you’ve run out of dice.

I really like Pandemic: The Cure. If you’ve played a ton of regular Pandemic and are looking for more, you really can’t go wrong with The Cure (Not the band but they’re fun too! Yay bad jokes!). Pandemic works really well as a dice game and it doesn’t feel like a rush job to cash in on the series’ popularity. It’s super fun and probably the most intense dice game I’ve played.

Never played Pandemic before? Which one should you get? Well, I guess that depends on how you prefer to meet your demise: cards or dice? Or just get both. I’m not gonna judge you.