Private Room Rental FAQ

What can I expect when I book a Private Room at Red Castle?

Red Castle’s state of the art game rooms provide a unique space to hold your next event. 

Private rooms can accommodate up to 16 guests, and are equipped with HD Smart Monitors to enhance your game or event. 

Renters can also borrow any of the games in our Rental Library to play during their booking.

Do I need a Reservation?

At this time, game room rental bookings are by reservation only. 

You can make your reservation online here for parties of up to 8 guests, and here for groups of 9 or more guests.

Room rental reservations are only confirmed upon completion of the rental agreement and full payment of applicable fees. 

How much does it cost to book a Private Room?

There are a couple factors that determine the price to rent a Private Room. 

Our Small Party Game Room has two rates; non-peak bookings are $15 per hour (Weekdays before 5PM, excluding holidays,) and peak bookings are $20 per hour (Weekdays after 5PM, all weekends, and holidays.)

For groups of 9 or more guests, the price to rent our Large Party Room is $40 per hour.

Can I book a Private Room for less than two hours?

The minimum booking for online reservations is 2-hours. Partial bookings are not available at this time. 

What food and beverages are offered?

The Cafe at Red Castle is open! We serve coffee, tea, soda, chicken tenders, tater-tots, wine, beer, and other tasty treats. 

Please note, no outside food or drink is allowed, with the exception of celebratory desserts.

Can I bring Cake?

Feel free to bring birthday and celebration cakes and confections. Please be aware that no other outside food or beverages are allowed. 

Are masks or proof of vaccination required?

Proof of vaccination is not required for Private Room Rental services.

Masks are appreciated while in public spaces, but not required.

If you want more information or have questions, please email us

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