The Battle for Zendikar Prerelease is Coming Up Soon!


It’s almost time for the Battle for Zendikar prerelease! We’ll be hosting events all weekend long starting at midnight the night of Friday, September 25 all the way until our final event for the weekend at 6:00 on Sunday, September 27. Preregistration for the single player events is $25 and $50 for the two-headed giant events or $30 for single player and $60 for two-headed giant if registering day-of. Preregistration closes at 6:00 on September 25 for the midnight prerelease, on Friday for all Saturday events, and on Saturday for all Sunday events. Register online or at the store. Price of entry includes the packs needed for playing in a sealed tournament as well as a promo and prize support. Our schedule of events is as follows:


Midnight Sealed


Noon Sealed

6:00pm Two-Headed Giant


Noon Sealed

Noon Two-Headed Giant

6:00pm Sealed

It’s also not too late to get in on preorders for booster boxes, fat packs, and singles! Preorders are available until Sunday, September 27. Booster boxes are $89.99 and fat packs are $29.99. All preorders are available both in-store and on our website.