2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Gamers in our lives can be really hard to shop for. Seem like they already have everything and just listening to talk about the games they love feels like you need a translator to help! With just a few short weeks left until the holidays what are you going to do?!?! Don’t worry! We got you with some fun suggestions for the all the tabletop gamers in your life!

Board Games

PandemicLegacy2Pandemic Legacy Season 2: The sequel to THE highest rated game on BoardGameGeek.com is finally here! Played as a campaign with an overarching story, explore & discover what happened, and try to save the world after the events of the first game. All your good and bad decisions carry over to your next game with permanent changes you’ll make as you play. Like placing stickers and writing on the board. Or even ripping and tearing up cards when instructed to.

clankClank!: A Deck-Building Adventure:  Race through the dungeon and try to steal the most treasure and escape in this awesome deck-building board game! Don’t make too much noise or the angry dragon will find you and ruin your day! Includes a double sided game board with two different dungeons to raid or pick up the expansion Clank!: Sunken Treasures for more dungeons to plunder! Or try the sequel, CLANK! IN! SPACE!

MysteriumMysterium: Much like if you squished CLUE & Dixit together. Conduct a seance in this unique co-op party game & solve an old murder mystery to help the restless spirit move onto the next… whatever happens! Gorgeous illustrations & pieces too! Mysterium will be a spooky good time for any party or board game night. Two great expansions also available to add more mystery.


smash upSmash Up: A silly card game of almost endless possibilities! Players make a team by picking two factions from a diverse selection ranging from Aliens to Kittens. Then battle your opponents for victory points. Ton’s of expansions available adding more fun factions & nerdy references galore.

betrayalBetrayal at House on the Hill: You and your friends decided to explore the spooky Vincent Price-esque old mansion on the hill, what could possibly go wrong? Lots! While everything started out fine, turns out one of your friends is actually a werewolf, was possessed by evil spirits, or is just an regular serial killer and is trying to kill you all. Band together and defeat the betrayer! Includes fifty different scenarios so no playthrough is the same. One expansion is also available, plus a Dungeons & Dragons themed Spin Off Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.

CodenamesCodenames: Easy to teach and super fun word guessing party game with a spy theme! Two teams of spies race to identify their agents before the other team. Watch out for that assassin though. Great if you have a ton of people coming to your party. It’s tough being popular. A wide variety of expansions and spin offs are available offering new ways to play, themes, and pictures if words aren’t your thing.


Dropmix: Harmonix, the creators of awesome music VIDEO games Rock Band & Guitar Hero made an amazing music mash up party game! After downloading the free app for your phone or tablet, play cards with elements of popular songs like the vocals from ‘I Will Survive’, the drum beat from ‘I Can’t Go For That’, or the guitar from ‘It’s Tricky’  to easily create awesome and often hilarious mashups. Then save and share your mixes with the world! Three different ways to play: Freestyle, Clash, and Party.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. What do you get the Magic Player who has everything?!? They already have so many cards. Or the budding new Magic Players in your life? Check out these helpful suggestions!

Planeswalker Decks & Duel Decks: Best places to start! These pre-constructed decks come with rules to make learning the ways of Magic a super easy. They’ll be ready to play as soon as they open their gifts!

DeckbuilderstoolkitDeck Builder’s Toolkits: If they’re ready to start building their own decks and just need a bunch of cards now, check out The Deck Builder’s Toolkits! They come with 240 cards so they can start making their own decks and a few booster packs for added fun.


Magic Accessories: Like in fashion, you can never have too many accessories! Same goes for Magic. Accessories are the perfect gifts for the experienced Magic Players. Also great stocking stuffers! Check out our ideas:

Magic-Accessories.jpgSleeves: A dedicated player always need and can never have too many sleeves!

Deck Boxes:A deck box will help a Magic player keep their favorite deck safe and stylish! Available in a wide array of styles, you’re sure to find one they will love.

Playmats: A playmat helps protect your cards from the dangers of a sticky gross dirty table, makes cards easier to pick up, and lets players to express themselves! Available with everything from adorable animals to epic fantasy scenes, there is a playmat for every player.

Role Playing Games

Shopping for someone in your life who loves Dungeons & Dragons? Or other fun role playing games? We got a bunch of options for their next adventure!!!

DNDStarterSetD&D Starter Set: Someone interested in learning Dungeons & Dragons? Look no further! The Starter Set comes with everything they’ll need to get their adventures started! Ideal for a group of 4 – 6 players, includes rules, pre-made characters, & dice!

Adventure GuidesAdventure Guides: Give your group the gift of adventure. New stories and ideas to incorporate into your games for whatever system!

D&D Accessories: Again, like in fashion and Magic, you can never have too many accessories! They’re great for new and experienced players!

Dice: So many to choose from! Sparkly, shiny, colorful swirls, even metal dice. Everyone loves dice!

Gamemats:  An indispensable tool for DMs! These Large roll up mats allow DMs to draw maps, with a dry/wet erase markers, and help players visualize whats going on in the games. Like to layout of towns & dungeons, or how far a monster is from your character. Super helpful!

SpellBookcardsSpell Book Cards: Great references for your character’s spells! Helps players keep track of their spells and saves time so you don’t have to search through books just to remember what exactly a spell does.

Red Castle Gift Tokens  StoreCredit

Pass the responsibility of choosing a gift on to them with Gift Tokens from us! A gift of our store credit gift tokens means the gamer in your life will get exactly what they want!

We hope these ideas help make your shopping a bit easier. Stop by the store and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect gifts for the gamers in your life.

Happy Holidays!

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