RPG Primer

You have found the secret door. Are you brave enough to see what lies beyond?..Curious about the path ahead? Try out new roleplaying games, explore new worlds, or meet a new Game Master at one of our RPG Primers! Each Primer will feature a one-shot story with pre-made characters provided by the GM. $20 per … Read more

D&D Weekend Warriors

Cast Haste into the danger zone…Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons gives wonderful storytelling opportunities for you and your wacky player character. But sometimes, you just need to roll dice with friends and smack around a monster. Red Castle Games’ Weekend Warriors gives you the chance to do just that: make your character, meet your motley … Read more

Stewpot RPG Online

Delving through dungeons can be a blast, but sometimes your characters would like to skip the monsters and sit back with some hot cocoa by the fireplace. Take a load off with Stewpot, where your crew of retired adventurers will manage a cozy tavern without the risk of being murdered by an evil overlord. This … Read more

D&D Academy – Private Event

Your special event with Red Castle has arrived! Your professional Dungeon Master, Kerina, will be catering this event just for your group. Registration is $150 per player for 6 weekly sessions starting February 28th from 4:30pm – 6:30pm. This will continue your adventure run by Kerina on the same Roll20 game page!Schedule: 4/18. 4/25, 5/2, … Read more

D&D Academy Online

Become a part of the after-school adventure with Red Castle Games!We are hosting a series of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for young players ages 8-17 only. This Online D&D campaign will take place over six weekly sessions from 4 to 6 PM (or 6:30-8:30PM for Tuesday Moonlight Academy). $150 per player. 5 players … Read more


Welcome to Red Castle Games. The friendliest game shop in Portland. This post will be short because our page is being erratic and two, if you really want to know whats happening at Red Castle, you should visit our facebook page run by our own Mikey: facebook.com/redcastlegames If you would like to research and/or buy … Read more

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Gamers in our lives can be really hard to shop for. Seem like they already have everything and just listening to talk about the games they love feels like you need a translator to help! With just a few short weeks left until the holidays what are you going to do?!?! Don’t worry! We … Read more