Betrayal at House on the Hill

Discover dark secrets and devious deeds as you descend into the depths of the deserted dwelling know as House on the Hill. By turning over tiles players reveal traps, omens, and treasures– all  while creating a unique house set up and racing the inevitable haunt. With the ability to support up to six players and an hour estimated play time, Betrayal at House on the Hill is perfect for parties.

After taking on the role of one of six characters, players explore further and further into the mysterious mansion, dealing with various trials and tribulations until the haunt arrives, bringing with it betrayal and deception. With 48 different haunts, 30 tiles and 80 cards (events, items and omens) each play session is guaranteed to bring something new to the table.

For those interested in a riveting board game filled with role playing elements and drenched in Cthulhu mythos, little will prove as satisfying as a play session of Betrayal.