The X-Files


Looking for something spooky to play for Halloween? Fans of The X-Files will love The X-Files board game from IDW games. In this game, one player takes on the role of the infamous Cigarette Smoking Man and the other players can play as Scully, Mulder, Krycek, or Skinner as they work together as a team to solve cases and uncover secrets before the Cigarette Smoking Man and his network can hide the evidence. As the agents work to solve cases throughout the United States, they encounter many different creatures and characters from the early seasons of the show such as the Jersey Devil and the Lone Gunmen.

Game play is fairly simple, making The X-Files a great choice for newer gamers and anyone who wants to spend some time in the X-Files universe. The game is well-balanced and all players are involved and have the opportunity to interact with each other no matter whose turn it is through planning and strategy or attempts to foil the investigations. Overall the mechanics of the game are solid, the art is well done, and the game itself is an entertaining medium/light game to play with friends. If you love The X-Files, give it a shot!