New Games !

Want to know what local games are coming out? Red Castle Games is hosting Protospiel PDX on January 21 from 1-10pm. Below is a list of participating designers and their featured games:

“Game-On” by Damien Lopez – Card game // Augmented Reality // 2 – 4 players // Ages: 10+ depending on variant played – A tabletop & augmented reality game system with 4 unique titles to play with or without your smart device. For more information visit:

“After the Empire” by Evan Halbert & Ryan Mauk: 1-4 players // age 13+ // 150 minutes // worker placement / resource management / Ameritrash / Combat // Set in 1282, European lords and ladies fight for territory to improve their cities, lands, and defenses in preparation for an invasion from an invading army.

“Eridu” – Mohammad Ali
2-4 // 12+ // 6- minutes // Eurogame
In Eridu players take the role of caravanner in ancient Mesopotamia trying to improve their reputation by selling goods, erecting temples, bribing local magistrates, and hiring raiders. The base mechanic uses an action-taking rondel and requires a bit of planning to execute.

“Troll Town” – Sean Canton
2-5 // 13+ / 60+ min / resource management / structural strategy / feasting
Players cooperate to gather resources, appeasing a Troll Boss until a player can rise to power.

“Hidden Dragons” – Shawn Watson
2-4 Players//13+//30-60 minutes//Strategy// 2 Players go head-to-head with their elemental dragon armies to wield control over the Spirit Spheres, to control their enemy’s home pagodas or to destroy their opponent entirely. But movement and attack can come from any direction as the board itself is played in 3 dimensions.

“Huck Them Dice” – Chase Van Epps & Eli Sausville
2 – 4 // 12+ // 30 – 60min // War dice game w/ Drafting // In “Huck Them Dice” players strategically draft locations on the field of battle. Players or teams will compete over 2 resources: Energy and Factories. Conflict is resolved by Hucking dice and upgrading your robots to programmers to help your dice rolls. Resources are tight and battles are tense. Which faction will come out victorious? Only your skill and luck will decide!

“Summiteers” – Chris Green + Andy Santos-Johnson // 2-5 players // Ages 8+ // 15-25 minutes // Style: Racing
In Summiteers, players race to be the first climber to reach the top of the mountain. Climbers take turns playing cards to ascend towards victory. However, the climb won’t be that easy, as other players and even the mountain itself may have other plans.

“Leaf” – Tim Eisner
2-4//8+//20-30 min//abstract, tile placement//In “Leaf” players take turns adding leaf shapes to the forest floor. Each leaf has specific scoring requirements. Players attempt to connect their leaves to as many other leaves as possible to gain maximum scoring tokens points. When a leaf’s condition is met the scoring tokens are added to the root system, unlocking special powers and determining which player aided the tree the most.

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