New Staff Favorite: Clank!

Clank! is the amazing new deckbuilder that adds board game elements to the already amazing genre. During play, you delve into a dungeon in order to find artifacts and secrets. Throughout, players play their cards in order to see how far they can move, which monsters they can defeat, and which cards they can add to … Read more

Nerd Camp is Coming to Red Castle

Get ready for a family-friendly NERD CAMP! Kids programming will run 5:30-7:30, and will include: * A magic show by Mathias: The Charming Cardist! * An introduction to all the fantastic superheroes from marginalized cultures, presented by Books with Pictures! * Small group discussions about superheroes and bullying * A concert by MEGATHRUSTER!!!!! Kids must … Read more

New Games !

Want to know what local games are coming out? Red Castle Games is hosting Protospiel PDX on January 21 from 1-10pm. Below is a list of participating designers and their featured games: “Game-On” by Damien Lopez – Card game // Augmented Reality // 2 – 4 players // Ages: 10+ depending on variant played – A … Read more

Special Hours

Dec 3 through Dec 23, we will be open: Saturday – Thursday 10am – 10pm, Fridays 10am – Midnight (we will be closing early Christmas Eve Day and closed Christmas Day and New Years Day)

Nerd Camp ReCap

Nerd Camp was a wonderful event that was held at the Analog Cafe. Nerd Camp is a 2-day event for geeks and nerds 21 and up who are looking to spend a weekend enshrouded in comics, tabletop games, indie video games, music, cosplay, and more. It ran from October 21st through the 22nd and a … Read more

Have a little extra fun this Halloween!

Dressing up for Halloween this weekend? We wanna see your costumes! Stop on by the store in costume the 28th-31st and take pictures! We love that! Post said in store costume selfies on your favorite social media and use #RedCastleGames. You’ll be entered in a random drawing for store credit! WOW!

Starting Monday September 5…

Red Castle Games will once again be opening at noon. Our new hours will be: Mon – Thu 12pm – 10pm Fri 12pm to 12am Sat – Sun 10am to 10pm See you sooner!

Lionheart Kombucha

Lionheart Kombucha is a delicious drink made locally by one of Red Castle’s own customers. It comes in a variety of kombucha flavors and an amazing Ginger Brew variety. My personal favorite is Hero’s Blend, a delicious mix of herbs, it contains no sugar but packs a whole lot of flavor! Any are a delight … Read more

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War is playing at the cheap theaters. Lets see what Kiara thought of it: I just want to start by saying that Age of Ultron Marvel Cinematic Universe had me concerned that the golden age of comic book movies was at an end and that the films were taking a sharp turn … Read more

Distended Mindbender

Distended Mindbender is a card that was just recently printed in the latest set of Magic the Gathering, Eldritch Moon. It features a new mechanic called emerge. Emerge lets you sacrifice a creature to cast a spell for its emerge cost minus the CMC*  of the sacrificed creature. In the case of Distended Mindbender it … Read more